Free Horse Manure in Bulk

Whispering Creek Stables has a year round supply of horse manure available free of charge for farmers, community gardens, and the general public.

The manure can be picked up at the Whispering Creek Stables located at 10110 California Oak Way, Cupertino, CA, Monday – Friday, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. We ask that you call Nicole Anderson at the barn office at 650-862-5171 to schedule your pick up. She will give you directions and meet you at the gate to let you into the barn and direct you to the manure pad where you would load your truck or trailer.

Benefits of Gardening with Horse Manure

High Producing Fruit Trees
Increase the amount of fruits your fruit trees produce. They’ll also taste better, too.

Exceptional Blooms
Roses and other vigorous flower producing plants require regular amounts of fertilizer. Strengthen your flowering plant and experience unbeatable results.

Environmentally Friendly
Horse manure is an organic solution to helping your soil stay healthy. Too much artificial fertilizer in the environment can hurt the ecosystem. Help nature thrive using an organic solution.

Fertilize All Year Round
Many fertilizers require gardeners to use them during specific time periods. This is because fertilizers will burn their plants. Horse manure is an all year round plant friendly fertilizer.

Reduce The Cost of Watering
Gardeners and Wineries report that their soil stays wetter longer. This allows them to have faster growing plants and vines, but significantly reduces their water bill.